This is Life After Nirvana

Welcome to the blog.

We love music.

Get the picture yet?

This blog is named Life After Nirvana. We’re all audiophiles, we all live in this post-Nirvana daze of a music scene, and we all love music. Hence the name. We are Chris, David, Dylan and Vincent for now, but we should be adding more later. We’ll go into more detail about ourselves in our posts, but hopefully the music speaks for itself.

While we all have our specialties, this blog is about many different kinds of music. This is a variety blog, and we hope you like something on it.

For the first song posted, I figured we’d have to go with something quintessentially Seattle, as all of us currently blogging are Seattleites. And Death Cab’s new single release today, here at home on 107.7 The End, just solidified it.

Death Cab For Cutie – You Are A Tourist (SoundCloud Link)


Life After Nirvana

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