In Celebration of Spring, in Anticipation for Summer!

Good afternoon ladies and gents, I would just like to inform you all that today is the first day in which I saw cherry blossoms around my neighborhood. Fortunately it’s sunny up here in Washington, so my thoughts have drifted towards the end of school and what activities I plan to do. As a result, I am going to post about a band in which I really embodies the summer spirit, The Smiles, a  quartet from Southern California really establishes the beach-rock attitude with their opener Cala Cola. Anyone who has listened to ten seconds of “Cala Cola” may mistake it for an upbeat Vampire Weekend song, which isn’t a bad comparison at all.

The title of this 6-song EP, originates from the Southern California city where it was recorded: Hermosa Beach, CA. The band members intially met at USC (Which is where Dylan is going to college by the way!) in 2009 playing house parties at the campus.

If you suffer from seasonal depression, this upbeat and highly addictive indie-pop might be just what you need!

Here’s the link to download their EP. Cala Cola is a freebie, but the rest of the album can be downloaded for free too, just enter 0 for the price you want to pay for the songs (The Smile are quite open to such an action).

Recommeneded songs: Cala Cola

California Girls


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